The 5 Best Foods For An Upset Stomach

Upset Stomach

Can anything make an upset stomach feel better?

Is there anything to make an upset stomach feel better? Yes! Below we’re going to list the best foods for an upset stomach.

The feeling of an upset stomach isn’t a great feeling to have, especially if it happens to be accompanied by nausea and vomiting as well. And no matter what caused it.. You only have one goal in mind, and that’s to get better as fast as possible!

Unfortunately, there’s no real cure for either stomach issue—most docs will tell you the best treatment is to just wait for your symptoms to run their course. But some foods (yes, even when you can’t even look at food) can make you feel a bit better while you’re on the road to recovery. Here, doctors recommend TK foods to help soothe your upset stomach so you can finally get back to normal.

There isn’t any real cure for either stomach issue unfortunately. Most doctors would suggest for you to wait for your symptoms to run their course. But fortunately, there are some foods that will help you feel better on your road to recovery. Below, we have listed the 5 best foods for an upset stomach.

1. Bananas


To start off our list, the first food is a banana. Bananas are a great dietary source of potassium. They’ve been used by generations to soothe bellies.

Why are bananas at the top of the list? Because they store potassium, which you may need if you’re dehydrated from vomiting or diarrhea, which is a great resource if you’re dehydrated from vomiting or diarrhea.

They also contain sugar which is good because you get calories at a time when you’re probably not eating much. But since they’re not so sweet, that could make you more nauseous.

2. Crackers


Crackers are digestible and soothing. Crackers don’t have a lot in them that can hurt you. In fact, they’re often recommended for women who have morning sickness. There’s been some reporting stating that crackers can also absorb stomach acid. It’s not an official fact if they do or not. As long as you don’t have high blood pressure, plain saltines may be your best option.

3. Soup


Broth is great for assisting with an upset stomach. The liquid and high salt that’s consumed within a good soup can keep you hydrated. Salt has been identified to help draw fluid into your bloodstream. Now, if you have high blood pressure, then look for low-salt varieties so you’ll get the liquid benefit.
Soup or broth, both are easily digestible. With it being well-tolerated you don’t get nauseous or have reflux.

4. Oats


Whole grains is highly nutritious and rich in soluble fiber, which aids digestion, helps prevent constipation, and eases symptoms of an upset stomach. The addition of whole grains can both soothe tummy ailment and can prevent any future intestinal issues. Soluble fiber from oats can draw water into your digestive tract which can help move food through your body. Try to aim to hit at least 20 to 30 grams of total fiber per day, be sure to don’t overdo it. 

5. Water


Upset stomachs can often result from getting a little backed up. And dehydration frequently causes constipation, sipping unsweetened beverages such as tea, sparkling H2O, and your occasional diet soda can keep everything flowing. The average number of cups per day most people need to consume is eight minimum.

We hope you found this to be helpful and we love to hear what you have to say, so be sure to leave a comment below. Bye for now!