5 Ways To Tell If You’re Exercising Enough

There’s nothing as frustrating as going to the gym to train your body but don’t see the results you desire after all of the exercising. An it happens all of the time. Why? There’s two possible reasons for this, one could be that you aren’t working as hard as you may think you are or worse, your just focusing on the wrong things.
It’s very common for people to set a fitness goal and be super-aggressive in the beginning and then lose momentum when they stop seeing continued results.
The most frustrating part is that you might not even realize that you’re not cranking it up to the right intensity. So we rounded up five signs (some obvious some shockers!) that you might not be hitting it hard enough along with advice on what you should be doing instead.

1. You Never Feel Tired Or Sore The Day After A Workout 

This happens when your body gets comfortable with your routine. You might be sticking to the same workouts or the same amount of weight, and you really need to be mixing it up.

2. Your Not Losing Any Weight

Is your body composition changing? That’s what is most important. If your clothes aren’t fitting better, you might just be spinning your wheels at the gym—and not in the way you want.
How you can adjust this: Keep track of what you are eating and see if you need to adjust your diet. If you don’t already strength train, add some weights to your routine to build fat-burning muscle. Otherwise, consider working in a high-intensity cardio session to your plan to blast calories—research from Canada found that sprints can help reduce body fat.

3. You Barely Break A Sweat

You’re likely working at a steady state and need to add some interval training to your routine. says Edmond. “You should break a sweat when you train and should see [or feel] a spike in your heart rate,” he says.
How you can adjust this: Get your heart pumping more often. For instance, between yoga poses or a set of squats, drop and do 10 push-ups or 20 mountain climbers to rev your heart rate.

4. The Last Rep Feels Hard, But You Could Probably Do Another

It’s probably time to add more weight. “You should barely be able to squeeze out that last rep. If you’re not sure you can do one more, try. If you fail, that’s OK,  that’s a sign you’ve reached your limit!
How you can adjust this: Try picking up free weights that are two to four pounds heavier than what you’re used to. It can help burn more calories, take your sculpting routine to the next level and get you results faster.

5. You Run Several Days A Week But Aren’t Getting Any Faster

There’s a good chance you’re doing all your runs at approximately the same pace—which won’t help you get speedier. Intervals are key, and you need to add speed to your routine.
How you can adjust this: A study from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology found that adding high-intensity cardio sessions to your routine can boost your fitness by improving your VO2 max, which can translate to better performance. Make at least one of your weekly runs a speed workout—like sprint intervals, hill repeats or a tempo run.

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