5 Tips For A Deeper Sleep At Night

Deeper Sleep

Getting a deeper sleep at night is essential. Common phrases we often hear from people are: “I wasn’t able to get much sleep last night”, I had a long night”, “I still feel tired after sleeping”, but we still can’t seem to destroy the sleeping spell. That’s why HealthyLifeHacks has listed these proven 5 tips for a deeper sleep at night.


1. Restrict The Time You Spend Looking at Screens by 1 Hour Before Bed

Your life is busy, and phones, computers, tablets, and TVs were designed to grasp your attention. Learn to discipline yourself to restrict your time spent on these objects up to an hour before going to sleep. You can help your circadian rhythm by tuning out earlier, that way it doesn’t get disrupted by the blue lights emitted by your screens.

2. Don’t Switch Up Your Bedtime, Even on Weekends

Improving your sleep is going to require a substantial amount of consistency, dedication, and determination. So be ready to become a student of building habits. This will propel you to show your circadian rhythm respect and make sure you’re prepared to wake up when your alarm sounds. 


3. Stay Away From Large Meals and Exercise Before Falling Asleep

Both, enormous meals or intense exercise close to bedtime can decrease the amount of deep sleep you’ll get. If an increased metabolism or heart rate disrupts your sleep, it’s best to avoid exercise and heavy meals in the 3 hours prior to bedtime.


4. Exercise Regularly

Power of vitality. Get some cardio in, go for a jog, walk around the block, and be sure not to catch yourself sitting for long periods. Thirty minutes of daily activity can prepare you to have a good night’s sleep.

5. Keep Track Of Your Naps

Taking naps has been found to play an abundant role in your overall recovery. With that being said, there is a time to nap and a time not too. Look forward to taking a nap before 3p.m., because naps close to bedtime can make it troublesome to fall asleep at night.

Sleep is Special to You

If you’ve been finding yourself incapable of falling asleep at night, try these tips and see how they impact your nights. Stick with a new technique for about a week or two to give your body time to adapt to the new changes and unveil any effects. Remember, sleep is different for all of us, and what works for some may not for you. Try testing a few of these strategies and compare results. Find what works best for you. Let us know if you found these 5 tips to get a deeper sleep at night useful.

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