17 Muscle Building Foods (Bulk Up Faster)

I receive numerous of questions from my family, friends, and even guys at the gym on how I was able to bulk up fast. An I tell them all the same thing, it’s simply what foods I fuel my body with on a daily basis.

So I found an amazing video on “17 great muscle building foods” thanks to Gravity Transformation – Fat Loss Experts. When you get a chance you should definitely check out there channel, I highly recommend them, they post a lot of great video content for muscle building and more.

Now back to the video, just based off of my own experience all of these foods are great resources to gain muscle. To start things off, eggs are one of my main go to’s in the morning and some times as my meal prep. I happen to love eggs an to me you can’t go wrong considering all of the nutrition’s and benefits you receive from an egg, now unless your allergic or just don’t like eggs than ok.

Beef is another pot of gold when it comes down to bulking. I also love beef! I add beef to one of my meal’s every week! An as far as the rest of the resources in the video I recommend you to try all of these and find which of these great foods taste the best for you an you can add that food to your diet. Remember, it’s not going to happen overnight. Like anything it will take time, I mean.. if you have some good genetics and you tend to build muscle fast. This actually happens to be the case for me but without these foods I still wouldn’t be able to bulk as fast as I’m able to.

Let me know your thoughts on this!